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Subject: My Dad
Name: Dottie Cross
E-mail address: capridot [at] mybizz [dot] net
Location: Johnsonville, NY
Homepage: http://www.capri-suds.com

#8 Comment (October 24, 2008):
I remember Dad as being a "powerful" man. There was one way in life....dad's way.
And the truth be known, he was right! Dad was devoted to his job and his family - but probably
what has always stood out the very most was his love for our Mom. There was never any doubt - Mom
was on the "top" of Dad's list!! Dad was a source of pride to me - and a man of
great talent and expertise in all he did. He had 91 of the most fantastic years anyone could have.
Wish we could erase the past one and 3/4 years - they were not good. God bless you, Dad. We all
miss you. Love, Dottie

Subject: MY HERO
Name: Bill Held
E-mail address: wheldjr [at] aol [dot] com
Location: Palm Harbor, Florida

#7 Comment (October 24, 2008):
I first meet Bill & Geri Ten years ago when My wife Jackie and I joined The Florida Pink
Panthers RV Club. From the moment we meet them we felt a true connection. They were the nicest and
neatest couple we have ever met. In some ways we felt like they were our second parents - they were
(and are) so nice and loving. I always looked up to Bill and started calling him my hero. To be able
to do what he did at his age was amazing. Both my wife and I feel truely blessed to have known Bill.
Right now he is in heaven telling the lord about some of his RV trips and talking about his loving
wife and family. God bless you Bill, We will NEVER forget you. Bill & Jackie Held

Subject: Wilbert Spier
Name: Carol Golamb Rhoades
E-mail address:

#6 Comment (October 21, 2008):
After graduating from Weedsport Class'57 I went to work for Mr. Spier at Coca-Cola. He was
a wonderful boss and I have many happy memories of that time. I know he will be missed!


Subject: Our tribute to Bill....
Name: Ivo and Pat Myers
E-mail address:
Location: Zephyrhills, Florida

#5 Comment (October 21, 2008):
What a beautiful tribute to Bill...

Bill, how fortunate we were to have such a time in our live to experience the friendship with you
and Geri. Our time together during motorhome trips, club get-togethers, our time spent with both at
your home having lunch and drinks. We can still see Bill standing at his bar entertaining Dick,
Cathy, Geri, and us...what a super great friend. We loved you and will meet again. God took a most
beautiful and worthy person from this earth. Our love to Geri.... too.

Subject: Poppie
Name: Craig Colvin
E-mail address: craig.colvin [at] thruway [dot] state [dot] ny [dot] us
Location: Hoosick Falls NY 12090

#4 Comment (October 20, 2008):
I am lucky to have had a grandfather like I did. Poppie taught his grandkids life lessons without
even trying. It all came natural to him, driving the lawn tractors, digging ditches, how to act in
front of people and how to treat people. Taking responsibility, respecting and being respected. He
was a great man with great morals and will be forever missed on this earth, but not in my heart.
Thank you Poppie. Love Craig

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