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Subject: Bon Ton Roulet
Name: Reg Edmonds
E-mail address: regedmonds [at] gmail [dot] com
Location: Randolph, NJ

#33 Comment (Mon, Jul 22, 2013):
Hope you're enjoying the ride around the Finger Lakes!

Subject: Yes, I am the one
Name: Dave Fillingham
E-mail address:

#32 Comment (Mon, Jul 01, 2013):
Yes! How are you doing? It would be great to hear from you - I'm on facebook, or you can write
me at dwfilli at verizon dot net. Hope to hear back from you soon! I really do want to thank you
(and wish I could thank all the science and math teachers at Weedsport) for putting up with me, and
for providing what I now know to have been an exceptional science education. You, Jim Chase,
Mclellan and others made an incredible difference in my life! And btw - I think you'd have to
admit - Sullivan deserved it!

Subject: Is this the "David Fillingh
Name: Mr. Edmonds
E-mail address:

#31 Comment (Mon, Jul 01, 2013):
Is this the David F. that doused Mr. Sullivan w/water?

Subject: Spitfire
Name: Chris Burgess
E-mail address:
Homepage: http://www.warbirdregistry.org/spitregistry/spitfire-sm969.html

#30 Comment (Mon, Dec 31, 2012):
Hi Dave. The Spitfire Mk XIV or MK IV as you have it marked under most of the photo's is
actually a MK XVIIIe as you can see by the link I have attached from the Warbird Registry above.
Great pictures of the Flying Fortress and the P51D Mustang Quick Silver.

Subject: Charles and Levi White, 111th
Name: Mike Shinn
E-mail address: mshinngeologist [at] hotmail [dot] com
Location: conway, arkansas

#29 Comment (Sat, Jun 23, 2012):
Thanks, Dave for your excellent work. I had a great-grandfather named Charles White, from Moravia,
who was a fifer in the 111th. His brother Levi was an infantry sgt, who was among the men captured
in the fall of 1864 and survived a Confederate prison. My family has a copy of Charles diary of

Subject: Just reading some of your essays
Name: Patricia A Boyer (Baba)
E-mail address: baba2u [at] embarqmail [dot] com
Location: Long Neck, De

#28 Comment (Wed, Mar 28, 2012):
very interesting and impressive.

Subject: General Lee photo
Name: Scooter Aldrich
E-mail address: BUCKTAILS42 [at] GMAIL [dot] COM
Location: Greenfield, Mass

#27 Comment (Sun, Nov 20, 2011):
Thankyou for lovely images,I did an encampment this weekend with the 7th Tenn, in Phillipston, Mass,
and hope to make it to Gettysburg next year for this parade and events.

Subject: Reaction
Name: Steve Donohue
E-mail address: stcgdonohue [at] cox [dot] net
Location: Phoenix

#26 Comment (Thu, May 19, 2011):
Thanks for the commentary. My wife and I will be going fom DC toMckeesport in the middle of June and
your comments were helpful for us . We are both seniors so, our adventure will bite off smaller
segments each day.

Subject: 111th Infantry, Co. F
Name: Doug Taylor
E-mail address: cardhu_03 [at] yahoo [dot] com
Location: Tampa,FL

#25 Comment (Sun, May 01, 2011):
My G-G-G Grandfather was Richard Warren from Port Byron and fought in the same co. as those from
Weedsport. I am heading up in July to Gettysburg, to see where he fought. You posted a great story.

Subject: 111th n.y. volunteers
Name: Jason Watrous
E-mail address: a2293184 [at] aol [dot] com
Location: n.y.

#24 Comment (Wed, Apr 13, 2011):
Very interesting. My great grandfather Asa Watrous served in the 111th. Just ordered a history of
the 111th. from amazon.

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